Enter the Races

The long awaited races of Segennya info is up under the Page category of  Into Segennya, I’m sorry again for the delay since I said I would have it out weeks ago I have been busy with life and writing right now.   This is just a brief overview of the races who inhabit the world of Segennya with the exception of the humans since a snapshot into them has been given in the preview but ones that haven’t been given a snapshot into via previews yet and are part of the contest.

Speaking of the contest, it is still extended until next Monday at 11:59pm!  Get your entries in and have fun with it we’ve got a few good suggestions so far!  Good luck to all.

I’ll hopefully have a more meaty post soon I just wanted to get this up before the contest closed and people weren’t looking at me like what the heck?


Back to writing,


(P.S) If you haven’t checked out the Fan Page on Facebook and other things there what’s keeping you?  Come enjoy the stuff over there!)


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