Newishly Made!

As was announced on Facebook a bit ago Vengeance, the prequel and any future books now have a group on Facebook at   What is different between this and the page you might ask, well one you will definitely be able to see important updates.  As of right now contests will still be held mainly on the page and here on the blog so don’t shy away from them, as well as blog posts can only be linked to the page itself.  In the group you can invite your friends to check things out as well as share whatever Vengeance/ Assassin Queen things you might want to share.  For example right now there is a drawing of Liz I did a few days ago (my second attempt, the first one shall never see daylight again).  So in reality there is plenty of unique things on all three of Vengeance’s current internet homes and I highly urge you all to stay up to date on all three. (See that widget over there, click it if you haven’t yet!)

Page news:
-Naming contest is still going on until 7-29 at 11:59pm, we have a few good suggestions but if you haven’t get yours in asap!
– Pinterest app- want to see what I was envisioning for areas in Segennya?  Head over there to check it out.
– And my mind is still blown as we are now at 115 likes!  ❤ you all and thanks for all the support.

Blog News:
– At some point tomorrow I will finally have the long overdue races of Segennya post up under the Into Segennya tab at the top of the blog.  Sorry, sorry meant to have it up ages ago things go ahead of me.

And lastly in other news I might and I stress might be running another mini contest with details at the end of the week to start when the current one ends.  I haven’t fully decided yet, but stay tuned.

Until next time,


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