Naming names!

As posted on the fan page the contest running for the next two weeks, this will be posted on the contest page as well for reference and please use the FB page to post your entries.

CONTEST! While I might be a writer I’m name challenged at times so here’s your chance to win an opportunity to have direct input into Vengeance.
– I need three names, one will be used to replace Felei’s current name (character profile is on the website) the second is for a male villain and the third is for a character to be introduced soon from the Uarnys race either male or female (profile will be available asap on website).

– Use this post to put in your entry, entries are unlimited but please specify which character you’re making the entry.
EX- Bob- Felei or something similar.

-Contest will be open for two weeks from today, so 7-29 at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced shortly afterwords when I have a chance to look over all the entries both here and the blog under contests.

Any questions please feel free to pm me. Good luck to all those who enter and have fun with the names!


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