Trying to Squeeze that Extra Second out

Whether your writing in between a 9-5 job and being a parent or just one of those like myself you still find yourself trying to find that extra second to get a decent way in whatever you’re writing.  This struggle has been more pronounced for me this past month, and while I know its nothing new- I’ve had papers for school I’ve had to put off until way more last second than normal for this very reason, but its been at the forefront of my mind.  It seems every time I sit down with the intent to write someone needs me, munchkin, husband, phone calls (basically insert any number of life related thing here) and with one interruption usually about ten more at least are soon to follow.  At times its almost like some super cosmic force is against me ever finishing this book and I find myself throwing my hands up in the air and going really?

Now I know there really isn’t a force going against me and this book, but it sure can feel like it at times. In my eternal browsing of the internet I’ve found a multitude of different ideas on how to find time and keep focused on writing and while some of these ideas are good they definitely aren’t for everyone.  One of the first ones  is to make and stick to a strict schedule with writing, usually in the morning and basically write a set amount during that time slot each day.  I have tried a variation of this method and must say it didn’t work, woke up with the idea that I would buckle down and focus on writing for at least two hours that day only to actually sit at my desk or computer and find nothing or the dreaded thing called life got in the way once more.  When it was the first reason for not being successful in my attempt, I usually found myself able to finally write at just another time, and that time varied greatly from attempt to attempt- leading me to think that partly this method is impossible for some people and I’m one of them.   Having  a strict schedule also gets me since I don’t believe that you can fully just click your brain into that mode and expect it to churn out so many pages or chapters, train it to somewhat enter that mode at a certain time but overall you’ll be met with a similar results to myself.  Its like outlining to me, some people do it and insist its the only way to go- I don’t touch it except when forced to by school and to have a general idea of A to B to C plot wise.

As far as getting away from life’s distractions and shutting yourself away either in another room or I’ve heard of people going to hotels for a few days, or just somewhere else this one doesn’t work for me either.  There is no option to fully get away for this mom, though I can definitely see the appeal since sometimes especially if you’re stuck somewhere in the story getting out of where your  head has existed for a while can get you free of the spot and if you have no distractions you can follow this new train of thought wherever it might lead you no worries at the same time.

So I’m somewhat resigned to fit writing in where I can and I imagine there are a lot out there like myself basically playing dodge ball with distractions.  Even as I’ve written this post I’ve had to do something for the munchkin five times and come back and resume writing.  I write when the munchkin is asleep, though that’s partly taken up with other things as well and have just taken to doing it whenever I can fit it in.    Still however, it does get frustrating as time goes on and you just need to vent a bit though you’re not alone.  So does anyone do either of the methods I described above or what do you do in order to fit writing anything into those precious hours you get for yourself each day?



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