Writer’s Block Go Away… Come Again… Is Never an Option?

Late, late night post today so pardon the ramblings.  Title also makes a lot more sense if you think of “Rain, Rain go away” while reading it.
I’m not even sure I can call this writer’s block really- the desire to write and finish both projects is there in abundance, and usually when I get writer’s block its the exact opposite and I don’t want to touch whatever I’m writing with a ten foot pole.   Seriously I’ve spent the past week starting each day intent on getting somewhere- buckling down and getting these things done and every day without fail I’ve found myself distracted by numerous different things.  Ironically a lot of my distractions are book related- mainly marketing things such as finally working on the Google Authorship program things since I have a half-way decent picture of me now to use and continuing my ever constant mission to generate word out there more about Vengeance/ Assassin Queen Series.  I haven’t even logged into my games except for a few moments, which I usually do when the munchkin settles down for a few moments and I need “me-time” knowing that once I get in game my focus and attention will definitely have no chance of going back to where I need it to. Yes if there was a job title for procrastinator I’d be a professional, which actually might be part of my problem.

What annoys me is that while I was in the midst of wedding chaos and getting ready for that my distractions were understandable though believe me the urge to write was strong and it annoyed me there was a thousand other things taking up my time.  Now though, there’s no logical explanation (besides procrastination) for why the hell I can’t sit down and write for more than five minutes without basically going off in some other direction and remaining there for hours until something else takes me in another- basically “Oh Shiny!” syndrome. Another problem for me is I’ve placed a great deal of expectations on myself to make this story all it can be which as I’ve said before has made what started as a simple revision turn into a major re-write.  So call it self- sabotage I suppose and now I’m to a point where I’m almost frozen in fear that the next words I type will break the novel into pieces that it will never recover from.

This over time will pass, it always does, but it couldn’t have come at a worse time in the grand scheme of things.  I’m officially in crunch time of sorts toward my deadline- though it is self imposed, but if I don’t do this than it will take another 6 years to reach a point where I personally feel comfortable releasing the book, and that is putting it in a very, very low estimate.  Being honest I know there will be parts of this book I will still be worried about  or wonder what the hell am I doing when the book is finally beyond just my eyes.  But that’s the vulnerability of being an author speaking, so while I’m technically am my own boss I have made this deadline to combat this as well as allow for shooting the new cover art I’m hoping to get done semi-soon and make it look pretty.

Current plan though- Final release for Vengeance will hopefully be just in time for the holidays and the prequel will be before- how much I’m not sure, it might be from like a month or two or could even been pushed back for simultaneous release.  All depends on this other side project how long this mood of mine persists.

Now off to see if venting here helped me make any progress overall,


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