And there was Chaos

The wedding bells have chimed and while I wish I could say things went off without a hitch it definitely wasn’t the case.  I was running around last minute trying to get myself in order while dodging my now husband in the small area we had to get dressed in, then bellowed to usher people to their seats.  Still though it was a great day, the ceremony itself though stumbling slightly over a couple lines of vows were perfect, short and sweet, my now mother in law made enough food to feed an army I swear.  (Thanks so much for all that again ❤ you.)  And events were made even more hilarious when we looked away for two seconds and my son made his 500th escape attempt of the past two days and was seen playing in his nice suit, in the neighbor’s sprinkler as content as can be.  It still amazes me at times as to how a two year old can still run around that much without a nap and being up since like 9:30 am.  Like I said though it was a good day, and one I’m still somewhat processing in my head, being married definitely doesn’t feel too different, then again we’ve been together so long wasn’t sure what I was expecting there but my mind is still grasping partly that its done and here we are.  A BIG thanks again to everyone who helped out that day with everything and for being there to share in the day with us, you guys made it so awesome.

In actual novel related news, as announced on Facebook Vengeance will be getting a prequel of a kind, much, much shorter than Vengeance will end up being.  This slight side project of mine is still untitled and still a work in progress, I started it to kinda expand my writing a bit but I wanted to stay in the same world as well as flesh out Segennya in ways I thought I couldn’t get to in Vengeance without taking away from the main story.  When it is done it should be a hopefully good entrance into Segennya and Liz’s life or a companion, depending on when you pick it up.  Also fresh off the presses so to speak Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 have their face lifts posted on the pages here on the blog.  Much of the changes are to content, things that have come as I’ve written farther along in the story as well as have developed with working on the prequel, others might be some grammar but my current edits have been more towards content then that type of thing.  I hope you enjoy the changes, let me know what you think and share it with others.

Until next time (and hopefully posts won’t be so few and far between now),



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