Long Time No Something

Things have been quiet as of late on here and I must apologize- I’ve been up to my eyeballs and higher in various things mostly wedding stuff.  To be honest its been a bit overwhelming at times though I’ve still been trudging away on things for Vengeance typically at night. It still kind of astounds me how many freaking complications can come from even the simplest of things.  But regardless I won’t bore you with details of all these things- it would amount to a very, very long post which would be entirely boring to read.  Regardless to say posts will be kinda intermittent for the next few weeks, hopefully not completely since at some point the inevitable whatever the day turns out to be will be takes over and your control is lost to either great success or failure.

In actual Vengeance news since writing due to overall stress level can be trying at times as of late, so I’ve been busy doing a bit of edits on my own as well as keeping things going.  A lot of my focus though has been marketing and how I want to strangle the necessary evil.  I’m first and foremost an writer/ whatever other hat I’m wearing, I don’t know ANYTHING on marketing so I’m sitting here pouring over blogs and other tools on how to do various things, and realizing how never ending the process is.  Also I’ve also learned how crappy Facebook can be at times for marketing, at least getting word out beyond that five to ten people who actively check your posts unless you shelve out a ton of cash which in my opinion is kinda a crock considering its FREE you shouldn’t need to shelve out money.  And I say five to ten people because with the wedding stuff as well as doing my not attempting to spam sharing of the fan page I’m coming to the realization I must be a Facebook freak of sorts and read quite a bit of what’s posted or they just haven’t learned where it is- which also I guess lends credence to the “old-fashioned” methods of marketing aka the pre-internet era forms.

Okay didn’t mean to rant on that one- and am trying to keep it short.  But I leave you with this exciting teaser- I might have something releasing soon regarding Vengeance it really just depends on my wedding workload.  Also if you have encountered that problem with Facebook because its by far and I’m sure you can agree the best way besides other social media to reach a lot of people fast, let me know and ideas on how you got around it in the comments.

Until later,


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