Seriously Internet?

Okay so excuse the soapbox post for a few moments,I promise I’ll be brief and won’t do it often, that’s not me and not that interesting to read soapbox after soapbox after soapbox.  Anyway- I was reading someone’s take on women in the new Star Trek movie over on Tumblr and how women weren’t presented in the best light and weren’t present  very much in the movie.  Okay let’s ignore that fact if they were or weren’t- I haven’t seen it yet so I can’t judge- I’m mainly talking about the comments in response to the post.  They range from a simple I agree with you here’s why from the movie, to almost straight out attacks.  Okay this is to be expected its the internet- but some are just about make your jaw hit the floor with either stupidity or lack of logic.

Let me just bring up a few of my favorite arguments against why this is a deal at all.

1) Feminism vs. it not being that big of a deal- so apparently while this might have been present its not that big of a thing, not even note worthy.  Basically making a mountain out of a mole-hill and they’re just a crazy feminist person.  When does one have to be an extreme feminist to want to see women not just there for looks or whatever and do something with their intelligence and be respected/liked for that.  (While there was a couple scenes in the movie that did this the blogger still thought it was too little and wasn’t like oh no sexuality at all, just have something else there too.)  But immediately this argument comes up and automatically these groupings are thrown in- it kinda makes my head turn.  Okay so it didn’t matter to you- I can respect that to but to outright dismiss (and I realize this is a lot of the world of commentors) a person’s view and put it so casually as “you’re just a feminist” or “you’re a whatever”  is ridiculous.

2) Your profile pic is sexualized so what’s the deal?- So someone can’t want a person to be intelligent and be respected yet still be sexy just not have that be focus or all it seems they’re there for a lot of the time and have a posed picture of them in an attractive position as their profile picture?  Here’s the headdesk moment- seriously?  Does this picture really make the argument that invalid or lose credibility because of it being there?  I think its somewhat true what one of the commentors pointed out- we’ve been taught overall that you have to have either looks or smarts and can’t have it all for some yet unexplained reason.  This loss of credibility seems to kinda prove the point, that you can’t have something that shows as sexy even by a little bit and support opening up women roles in movies, TV and other stuff for their smarts or other qualities.

Those by far are the most original and unique counter-arguments as to why this even matters/ or should to the blogger- well other than the a-typical bashing that happens.  Personally I think its all a narrow minded view the counter-arguments.  Just because someone calls for a bigger representation or a broader one for women might be more accurate but does not automatically make them a feminist or man-hating or whatever.  Sexy doesn’t have to narrow down to all sex no smarts or vice versa.  To be honest  I thought we were past these views with some of the stronger female leads, though there still might need to be a counterbalance to males maybe, and I understand this was  remake so its kinda holding true to the time of the original but there have always been strong females in Star Trek in some way, and like I said from my understanding there were moments just not enough to satisfy the other actions in the movie.  While I can see why for some this fact alone would be like well its just holding true for the time frame- but at the same time for  a franchise that made its make by- forgive the cliche/ stealing of the logo- go to where no man has gone before the movies should feel as progressive.  Making a mountain- out a molehill? I really doubt it in a way- I think the counterarguments make even more of an issue than the original post in a way just because- well you see their counterarguments’ main points.  While I can  understand wanting to phrase things to get a charge out of readers and inspire some debate, these are almost worded hurtful, and that makes me go seriously?  When did we ever get so spiteful, hateful or whatever other adjective fits as well or better that we jump on this attack spree and just fire off things no matter what.

Its almost like we forget there ARE other people on the other side of our screens.    And I saw this even more on my facebook feed during the elections or after- seriously I enjoyed facebook a thousand times more when it was mainly just networking.  As long as people get their opinions out there who gives a care about feelings or the one I ABSOLUTELY love whether it makes sense and has a good support material besides wikipedia or a insanely biased news source (which is why I headesk at those arguments above).  Feel the sarcasm?  I understand and respect not everyone will agree with me or even a part of the world’s population on a given day- just stop with the insta- label, the insta-hate internet – it makes you smarter if you actually have a not just straight out attack for once and are don’t use charged words.  And  while you’re at it actually look up what you’re arguing for or against and I’m not talking Master’s degree level research just enough without the charge and then form your opinion respectfully.

And woops that led into another tangent I didn’t mean to, oh well it was at least related and so true in my humble opinion.  By the way here’s the tumblr post I was talking about some of the comments I references might have been moderated since it was getting kinda out of hand it seemed with them, but check it out because it does raise some good points those in the comments who are discussing it.


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