Indeed I Live

I must apologize for the silence, wedding planning has been kicking my ass lately, excuse my language- then again what am I apologizing for its my blog? Ever have those weeks where nothing can go right, every plan you thought you had made ten steps in advance goes back just as much until you are standing farther back from where you started in the beginning? Yeah that was my last few weeks, and sadly as I’m tangling around with this mess writing has been slow to continue, not that it has stalled all together. We finally passed halfway with the current draft- yes I know you would rather hear me say we’re done! Heck I would love to say that but with the changes I’ve made to from the original five versions, yes there are about that many drafts already from over the years, and the depth I’m trying to add to the story overall so it doesn’t feel as much of a road trip book- which is all well and good but I’m trying to have more epic fantasy feel than that. So slowly but surely I will win this race and get this book out, though my fiancee has now taken to substituting my name into that George R.R. Martin song by Paul and Storm just about every time it plays, those who are familiar with the Song of Ice and Fire will probably get why.

As a semi-new adventure for me I tried my hand at DMing our game nights a few days ago and must say it did well since I’m a completely rookie DM.  They handled the start encounter just fine though there were some funny back and forth between the dwarf fighter and the monkey-person enemy he was grappling, well until the crabs they called in for help arrived and he was in prime easy target position.  So it was a giant grapple fest with the healer occasionally sticking her hand in to heal him and him tossing crabs off only for them to grab back on a turn later, the others tried to help but just ended up kicking them a bit.  Then the other fighter seeing the crowd after the other non-pc part of the fight was over was standing there watching the epic grapple fest going on re-grabbed his beer and watched with them.  Then since they did so well  I kinda accidently stuck a too high level encounter in randomly and the party’s only front liner set himself up as prime target for a few more of crabs  from before and a couple monkeys.  The crabs grabbed on, the healer got pulled in and crits abounded from my side and they couldn’t hit to save their lives. Lets just say if I didn’t save them we would have had an almost party wipe. Despite this I think I’ll be added into the regular rotation of campaigns going on with our group, at least that’s what feedback I’ve gotten says which is awesome.  And I  must say it did give me writing mojo like I hoped and was a blast to do but still need that thing called time that eludes me.

Back to burying myself in wedding details,



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