Plot Break- In which I discuss Marketing Woes Among Other Things Pt. 1

Taking slight break from things on the writing end to re-examine my rather introspective mood which while helping with that task also hinders it.  The mood itself is rather easy to realize why I have found myself in it for now, a few chapters of my life are coming to an end and beginning and my brain is trying to grasp at straws to keep itself steady.   It, to be honest- and I think I somewhat alluded to it in a few posts already, has been going on for a few months so forgive the possible rehash.  Combine this turmoil though with going through the ebbs and flow writing and marketing the biggest thing I have done my life as far as being a professional you have someone who is very close to pulling the hair out of her head in frustration at times.

Lets begin with the happy thoughts however, the chapters closing and opening.  While I’m not terrified of changing my last name for another I am actually far from it- I’ve had a few years to come to terms and by now we have  lived together for years its become surreal.  It is hard to believe that in just over two months it will be official the reality we have basically lived in for the past few years.  Last weekend at my future in-law’s baby shower I was actually introduced to her boyfriends’ family as the sister in law, something up until then we had just joked about how it may as well be true or that I was.  Being given that title in an introduction however, made me realize how close the day is, and where we have come from to get here.  So I’ve found myself looking back- through the good times and the bad and weighing them against the present.  Overall I must say I find myself pleased at the result.

The second chapter of my life closing though it won’t somewhat be a big difference except for workload is the end of my undergraduate degree.  This has been more on the forefront since I’m trying to figure out when to exactly start my last year, something made even more prominent in my mind with me trying to figure out when to exactly start my last year.  I usually go back in June but I was going to delay since the wedding is that month so how long is the question.  Still though its been a long time that I’ve been in school overall even with my Master’s being a few more years on top of it is almost daunting to think of being out.

Continued in part 2 since the rant is kinda heavy in my opinion.


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