Meet the Residents

As promised here’s some of the background information for most of the characters introduced in the preview chapters for your enjoyment.

Liz- Hired blade with a special gift she is incredibly loyal to those she calls friend or family though admittedly it can be to a fault.  Alone for the years following the previous coup of the government she wandered with no memory until she met ran into Durj and Cat literally after a small flair up of violence and was adopted into their family which in turn started their working relationship.  Though she was the true muscle for Durj in Lower Quarter and to some should have had his position she found herself more comfortable with the backseat of things though she finds herself thrust into that position later on and takes to it pretty naturally though she’s in constant doubt.  Overall she is a deep thinker often slipping away to work through her thoughts though sometimes she needs outside help to find the solution she is working for.   This can also lead to her portraying a more serious side overall with little room for lightness since she’s usually focused intensely on these inner debates and plots.

Trademarks/ Physical Description– Grey-silver eye and Emerald green eye as well as slightly pointed ears and a birthmark on her right wrist that used to be covered by a cloth of some kind.  Often when she uses weapons she uses some sort of dramatic flair either in how she wields the weapon or misdirection.

Cat- She talked Durj into taking Liz in after they met one day in Lower Quarter.  Very loyal to Liz seeing her like a sister and while she loves her brother his actions have led to distance between the siblings to the point of Cat stopping just shy of renouncing their relationship though she voices the regret of it when it is brought up.  This strain between the siblings was also the cause of a lot of tension between not only Cat and Liz but Terra as well.  She has an almost child-like innocence mainly due to her being sheltered from the harsher aspects of Lower Quarter life by Durj and Liz later, that also lends to her charging off like suggesting they just start traveling around their world without any real plan and seeing Liz as unbeatable and where she might find herself in battle it won’t lead to her death.  This innocence also lends to Cat’s tendency to not grasp things as other would and get upset over things that might not seem necessary or normal.

Trademarks/Physical Description – Ice Blue eyes and blonde hair, with sort of an idealistic thinking and bubbly personality.

Terra- Owner and manager of the Blood Moon Tavern of Lower Quarter she is quite practical compared to the depth of Liz or outgoing ness of Cat.  Not one to shy away from the more borderline ethical means of getting things done not only because they’re practical but because of what services the Blood Moon used to offer.  She becomes basically the mother figure of the group referring arguments and generally fussing over her friends.

Trademarks/ Physical Description- Red hair and green eyes, in our world’s terms she speaks with a Scottish/Irish accent.  Notorious for her talent or lack thereof really with weapons of all kinds.

Felei (Formerly Lance)-  Durj’s public body-guard and assassin.  He spent much of his career in Lower Quarter in Liz’s shadow, either as a side-kick, working alone but on lesser profile jobs or stuck close to Durj.  While for most this would make a hard working relationship and forget about anything beyond that but for Felei and Liz they eventually grew to admire and respect the other’s strengths which in turn grew outside of work; though if you ask Cat they are still moving too slow and it is one of the few things Terra also joins in on teasing since they have been together in a way for years.   He traveled a bit after the coup that created Lower Quarter living and surviving on the land and it was this that drew Durj’s attention to him.

Mannerism/ Physical Description- Blue eyes and curly light brown hair usually drawn back into a tail.  He seems very Liz driven especially after the events that lead to Liz’s journey at the same time he seems loyal to Durj since he jumps at his new job offer but at the same time very much an opportunist and taking the job simply because it was offered time will tell which of these latter two will turn out to be his true motivation.

There you have them- most of the “good” characters already introduced.  I might draw up some more later as more characters reveal more of themselves to me.


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