Back to Work- Weekend, Contest and Upcoming News

I hope everyone had a terrific Easter if you celebrate it or just a good weekend in general.  Mine was full of family and chaos that usually comes with getting everyone in the same house especially with all our kids starting with a good lunch with my side of the family and I took the opportunity to pass out  our wedding invites and then moving onto another lunch with the fiance’s half. Somehow I got roped into helping with the Easter egg hunt which the kids loved though we also spent half of the time trying to wrangle our monkey.  Lately everything has been a climbing thing, end tables, chairs, you name it he’s trying to climb it.  As a result work on vengeance has been slow since it seems every time I sit down to write I have to jump up and haul him down.  Boy does this mom need a vacation, lol.

Anyway we wrapped the day up with an impromptu gaming session of our evil campaign.  Which in turn changed into how many puns and jokes can everyone make about you name it but included an arena that had a few elven rangers being honey badgers in disguise as well as inside jokes from campaigns in the past.  This is why I love this gaming group we have going, sure we aren’t regularly playing sometimes but its always good and you can be pretty much sure  that laughs will come or some line will be used for years to come in reference.  Sadly since most of the jokes are insiders that you’d have to have background on the past campaigns they’d lose their charm on here, so just imagine those.

Onto book related news- Congrats to Trisha Walter for winning the Facebook Fan Page Contest and I’m pleased to announce that I am holding the same contest for this month as well.  Already its being well met with ten bazillion shares (the number might be slightly exaggerated)  popping up on my timeline so I’m hoping the enthusiasm continues and to be honest am tickled cause that means either they really really want a free book  (MY BOOK!)  and/or want to support this project- either way is good with me.  Same rules apply with the same goal, so like/share to your hearts content.  Good luck to all entrants.

In the next few days- munchkin permitting (See above about Easter for why) I will be posting character profiles as well as some of my world building materials- avoiding as many spoilers as I can of course beyond what has been revealed in the exerts for your enjoyment. This way since progress is slightly delayed to my original hopes you can keep getting introduced to Segennya- cursed life and need for sleep and other things.  So stay tuned for that.



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