Experimental Failures and Weekends

So after some careful thought and looking things over with my sister/editor decided to leave things as is.  That being said though the change ultimately failed it did provide some very useful ideas as to how to make things that were coming across rather weak stronger so I call it a win.  Now while I’m always one to want to try new things with writing I didn’t realize at least actively how much these different things actually help in surprising ways, and I completely realize much much I sound like a broken record.  Its one of those forever astounding things I guess especially since usually my writing before this was for school and that always seems to be I don’t care about process as much or making it perfect, but doing my best with the material and just getting it done.  I am also one of those eleventh hour paper writers, 5 page paper due at midnight Sunday? Okay no problem I will do a bit Saturday and cram the rest in, proofing included Sunday.  Ironically I always get a better result on the papers I do this with instead of those that I actually use the “correct” methods with- outlining, drafting, proofing, and working on it for weeks or from whenever the paper was given as an assignment.  I do need to break the habit a tiny bit though with graduate school coming up- otherwise those years are gonna suck.

On a related but somewhat not due to my tangent- you might have realized some changes to the site.  One- I was really bored the other night and was peeking at themes and decided I really liked this one.  Second- the title which somewhat always seemed somewhat redundant and something I put down since I couldn’t think of a more clever name for the blog, so I made it shorter as I changed the layout and more inline with an actual title than a statement of what this blog is about.

So now I must go back to redoing those chapters I changed in this experiment as well as the edits I got from my editor.  That has to be done before this weekends gaming session which I think includes just boardgames but I wouldn’t put anything past our friends since we could go into D&D- though that is definitely planned for Monday I think when we start our Evil Campaign which somehow I got roped into helping the fiance make side quests for, as if I didn’t have enough fun trying to think of storyline already.

Have a great weekend and hopefully I’ll have some fun times to share from gaming,



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