Lets Try This Out Shall We?

In what some would call a bought of madness I decided to try something a bit different with the book over the weekend.   This involved a bit of editing- okay a lot of editing as I make the change of person and a bit of overall polish.  Right now since I’m still working on it only Chapter 1 and the Prologue are up here- See the Take two pages to check them out.  I left the old versions up on the site as a thing of comparison because since I am curious as to feedback with this change.

Why the world did I do this in other words why did I chose to torture myself ?  Simply as a somewhat experiment to see if the flow was better and see if the change of perspective allowed for less snags overall since I found myself in an insane case of writers block.  So I started with the prologue and set about changing it after reading it back over it was like hmm.. .this could work.  So I set about the rest to catch back up to where I had typed the book out to and hopefully go on as planned- writer’s block conquered.  That goes to show you though, change how you are approaching a thing- it might be a smaller change such as go from your computer to a notebook again, or vice versa.  Regardless though of how you change how you are looking at a project you will probably find that change was just what you needed because it feels a lot different though in reality it isn’t that much.


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