Oh For the Love of…

Ugh- as of late I just can’t stay focused I find myself doing everything but what I feel I should be doing- which is writing.  I really want nothing more then to take a day or so and just pound out more of this story so I can be that much closer to my goal- to be able to turn it over to my editor aka my sister and be able to approach the rest of my busy year with this out of my system( before things like my wedding and last year of college get in my way).  Now some of these distractions are unavoidable- like the other night when my son decided to try to use my computer desk as a place to store everything of his, nothing of mine and shove mom  in a corner all the meanwhile demanding her attention every second.  Needless to say this was one of our longer nights in a  long time.  Other distractions are definitely by my own doing- such as YouTube as usual, reading up on some fanfic or other blogs or my usual of gaming.

That or this cute face demands my attention just as much as my son:


Meet our affectionately dubbed Musky- her mom was a pure Siberian Husky for those wondering what the heck breed is this and she’s a pure mutt with a lot of husky traits.  Even now she’s laying at my feet as I type this and pokes her head up from time to time.  Seriously who can resist that face? Its practically begging play with me!  Well unless you’re more of a Cat person then I guess you can resist a bit.

As for my other distractions I must say gaming wise I’m currently spending time in Guild Wars 2- completing maps on my elementalist and leveling my mesmer to be my fourth level 80- sounds like a lot but really leveling is a breeze in this game compared to others I’ve played but still I have yet to do it all if that shows anything.  Also getting ready for some D&D to start again, we kinda took a break from it, this time going with a revamped- different story but same ideas of an evil campaign DMed by my fiance.  This should be fun if we can keep from killing one another- npcs, villages and whatever else we come across are fair game.

But anyway- while talking about my distractions is fun I will get back to my annoyance with them.  I have wrote a bit in the past few days but no where near what I would like (see reasons above).  Talk about a bad case of writers block or something when you want to write but just can’t  or find yourself wandering away quite easily, almost too easily.  I remained determined though, and will eventually win, if only for my sanity. Or at least that’s what they will let me think until I see another great funny video on YouTube and get pulled in since that’s how it starts.  *Sigh* The battle rages on.

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