Blog Event-Ask Me Stuff!

Okay though I was delayed in getting this up yesterday but anyway here it goes.  I want to take since the chance a few times to allow people to ask questions since we have been doing this blog thing a few weeks now and I for one like interaction plus sometimes I feel like my ramblings can get somewhat dull.  Questions should be left in the comments- and I will pick the ones to answer in about a week or so to give people plenty of time to think of them.  They can be directed at me personally, or be about Vengeance all I ask is comments remain in good taste- nothing really above a PG-13 as a general guideline to be safe- if I find your question is too much I will simply gloss over it and depending on wording remove it from the comments.  We’ll see how popular this event here is and try to do it a few more times over the course of the next few months.  Have fun, come up with some good questions and we’ll come back to this in a week.


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