Bounce Houses = Terror?

So as I mentioned in the last post I was prepping for a kid’s birthday party later that afternoon.  Boy did I not know how much prep was needed, the place was pretty packed and as it turns out munchkin is afraid of bounce houses.  In a way not sure why since I swear he hops around the house all the time but it was funny yet frustrating at the same time since at times it was all I could do to even get him on the things to try them out.  I also discovered that slides are his mortal enemy and I know he will probably kill me when he gets older for typing this for all to see but forgive me for taking the opportunity to tell a funny story.

All in all we only went on the Toddler town bounce house, though we did try another one that had like a bouncing basketball game in it.  First tries were accompanied by screaming, him trying to grab the netting to say I’m not going in this thing and a few tears.  It was seriously like a scene out of the movies with the screaming kid that doesn’t want to leave only mine didn’t want to go in.  Finally after a few spills with him just running around on the floor and mom chasing after I convince him to go back in the toddler town bouncing unit.  Inside there’s a small slide and I try to place him on it to get him used to a smaller one since earlier attempts at the larger slide at the end of the unit were less than enjoyable- see the description above to get an idea.  At first we have a repeat of clinging, Velcro toddler. Then finally I finally have victory and munchkin slides down with ease a couple times. Apparently this increased his confidence because pretty soon he was moving around on the floor, not bouncing really but better than what we were doing.  I decide to get out the best way since he was alright with the first slide to go back down the larger slide, I get him in position, and so far so good- no upset munchkin, in fact he seems to be trying to go down by himself.  I keep a firm grip since I didn’t have dad come over to catch him nor was anyone else with our group in site and climb up to go down with him- not easy since there is a slight raise before you get to where you can slide and I have a wiggle worm on my hands.  Finally I manage to clamor up and we head down the slide- munchkin screaming the whole way.  End of the Day: Big Slide-3 Munchkin-0- not too bad for a first time out really, at least we made the small slide be cry free. Maybe next time we can even the score.

BTW- a little announcement coming up in the next day or so I’m going to be doing a little event on the blog- whether I’m going to link it to a book related contest I’m not sure yet since its just starting.  We might see how popular or creative people are first, though I hope to get a contest going soon – just need to think of something fun and good to do so stay tuned too.


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