World Building and Other Craziness

A bit of a break the past few days as I decided I needed to change some of my world partly for my own sanity.  As I mentioned in the last post I was coming up on part of the story that caused a standstill- this time I’m much wiser so decided more building is in order before I get there.  I’m not a writer that plans all neatly the world who is where and what is going on in a neat little chart or list.  Instead I prefer to a point to discover it along with my characters though I do have a clear picture of what the world looks like and have even go as far as to make a map that has been lost in moves at this point I think, but still firmly remains imprinted in my mind.  When I start a story I build up the world to a point at the same time I’m getting the characters into shape and giving their concepts flesh in a way.  After that its kinda a simultaneous thing that happens as I tell the story and progress through it until I reach a point where I decide more dedicated world building is needed.  Doing it this way though it seems like the world building never ends, its a forever ongoing process which I guess is true of any story.  Your characters do something that you didn’t intend, and it happens a lot, it might change the landscape a bit or you might find yourself moving away from one part of the world and into another or a chain reaction is caused completely changing what you thought you knew was going to happen, take place or be there.

Well I meant for this to be a lot longer and more detailed but I must brace myself for a kid’s birthday party today on inflatable bouncy things.  Its a joint party somewhat with the fiance’s birthday today as well but the spotlight for the first part of the party at least will be on his nephew.  At least munchkin will have a good time and will hopefully be tired out by the end of it giving Mom and Dad some alone time.  No doubt I will have some funny story to tell later or tomorrow, but for now the fun times of making a magic system.



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