Today’s struggles Will Sometimes Follow You

I’m not talking about life’s issues though that will sometimes happen,  but that’s another post for some other time.  I’m referring when you hit a point in a story that sometimes is so emotionally draining for both you and the characters  you just hit a roadblock.   It could be because of what you just had happen, or sometimes with the added joy of getting wording right to make the entire point you are trying to make by this sequence of events be missed or seem less significant.  Needless to say this just happened to me- my main character just went through something that to avoid spoilers until I decide to share this chapter if at all- left her pretty messed up and totally shook her confidence.  Yeah I know cliche much?  This event if I do say so – is pretty well written its the aftermath that is the cause my current block.  The reactions of my other characters seem so disjointed and chaotic at times which would be somewhat true but trying to get the mess right is causing me many sessions of hair pulling and agonizing so much so I just had to stop for a few days and take a gaming therapy session.  Then of course the fun part was trying to re buckle down and not get distracted to continue writing, needless to say this didn’t work at first- I still had no idea how to get these reactions back to where they should be or where I feel they should be- and now even the main character is in on the act.  Sigh.

Finally I gave myself no choice and simply eliminated the problem for now- I moved ahead in chapters instead working on the one to follow.  I still have as story to finish after all and I can’t wait for the day that magically this sequence to be come clearer and the reactions match up more.  Besides maybe in time this will become clearer and I will find myself able to finish the chapter since I already have a clear outline/ idea of what finishes the chapter and leave it for someone such as my editor to deal with- after all that’s partly what they’re there for right?  An outside source can do wonders for editing in my experience a fresh opinion that hasn’t been bogged down by these woes of creation.

I mention this because I imagine its not a unique thing to just me and I’ve had it happen before since this is like draft 500 – I’m exaggerating of course but you get the idea.  The only difference between previous drafts and now is that the roadblock happened much later in the story be caused me to stop writing for the period I did that I mentioned in the first post though the length was completely unintentional. Since then I learned I can’t let one part of the story bog me down and cause me to stop- especially with this large of a project, but keep going you never know what might clear up or be revealed later on.

Now if you excuse me I’m off to write an add on to an earlier chapter- a random introduction that was kinda thrown in before now has a better transition that I thought of as I was typing this ironically.  Gotta love unintentional living your advice.



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