Let’s Start at Hello

I suppose I should start with something profound but it is kinda late and my head is still trying to wrap around the latest chapter I’m working on.  That being said I bid you welcome and will try to give a little insight into the whirlwind you are about to enter into.  I am Tiffany, your host and guide on this journey.  I am a stay at home mom and college student- entering her last year of her BA of International Relations before the fun graduate work begins. I am an avid reader of mostly fantasy though I do venture into sci-fi or romance and also in my spare time am a gamer of either D&D,  computer games though lately there have been more board games mixed in.  The last two things have led partly to the creation of the Assassin Queen Series.

A bit of background on the whole process that has led to this story finally being seen beyond my immediate family before I actually get into introducing what will make up the majority of the blog.  I have been writing in my spare time for years though for the past few years I went away from it.   My senior year of high school I attempted to get a different story published, that was  more set in reality, based on my friends urging but due to not knowing what in the world I was doing and not finding the time to edit it I let it drop and moved on.  A few months later I found another idea in my brain and with my boyfriend now fiance soon to be husband’s urging I began to write on it until the break I mentioned.  Fast forward to this past December I’m sitting at my computer thinking of risk taking and examples to show my son and being a living example of it- I was also spurred on by all the Indie authors, filmmakers and even musicians I was getting introduced to and their successes and wondered well if they can why can’t I?  I had tried the more traditional route all those years ago and got burned by what – after some research  years later- turned out to be a less the credible agency and I decided though I’m a bit wiser I didn’t want to chance it or getting rejected and I would do it on my own.  I started looking at vanity publishers, I had been accepted through them before for the first book idea, but I really didn’t want to pay- then I found free self publishing- so what if I have to do the work myself- it will be done my way at no cost really.

Yeah my chances of failure are much much higher now but so be it- I can say I published a book.  I fulfilled this childhood dream of mine before I begin my career and fulfill another.  This was what I originally set out to do in a way- show my son no matter what you can do whatever you dream in life.  And who knows maybe we all need to be reminded of that possibility as life often shoves us in the direction we need to go to keep going and getting by, that maybe those stars aren’t so far out of reach after all.

I think I shall end on that note- I’ll intro to book later after I get some of the chapters posted over to here.  Thanks for sharing in this journey with me.



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